Presenting unique performance opportunities 
for a variety of audiences

This accomplished, engaging artist and scholar presents innovative concerts and lectures that:

  • Combine musical insights with musical performance
  • Explore the connections between popular and classical music, and between American and European music
  • Focus on the musical contributions of George Gershwin, Aaron Copland and other great American composers
  • Examine the influence of their Jewish background on the lives and music of Jewish-American composers 
These presentations and concerts are suitable for universities, lecture series, concert series, libraries, historical societies, community organizations and synagogues.

Trained as both a classical musician and an academic, his continuing focus has been on creating and presenting a wide variety of musical events.  From full-blown concerts, with and without accompanying musicians, to tightly focused presentations that combine musical performances with informative descriptions of the composition and the times when the music was created, to more intimate presentations for smaller interest groups, Grossman constantly amazes and enthralls—and is usually rewarded with a standing ovation

We invite you to spend some time getting familiar with the wide variety of offerings available from Orin Grossman.  Listen to some selections, view his presentations, read about what audience members and critics alike have said about his work, and enjoy his unique ability to both entertain and inform.

And then consider which of the selections might be just right for your institution or organization.  Or let us create a special program that precisely meets your requirements.

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Orin Grossman has been delighting audiences the world over with his unique and engaging approach to performing and explaining great American and European music. He is in demand as an interpreter of the music of George Gershwin, playing his songs and classical compositions around the world, including Florence, Cairo, Australia, and St Petersburg, Russia, where he performed Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and gave the Russian premiere of Gershwin’s Second Rhapsody with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic to a standing ovation.

A superb lecturer, he has developed a series of lecture/concerts combining performance and discussion. His One Day University lectures in New York City on George Gershwin, Jewish-American composers, and other topic have been particularly successful.

Orin Grossman began piano and theory instruction at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the age of five. After several graduate recitals there, he entered Harvard College from which he graduated Magna cum Laude in Music. He continued his studies at Yale University, earning a Ph.D. in Music.

Dr. Grossman joined the Fairfield University faculty in 1975.  In 1991, he was named Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and, in 1999, Academic Vice President.  He is presently Emeritus Professor of Visual and Performing Arts.

After his Carnegie Hall debut recital, he performed a series of innovative New York recitals combining jazz, popular, and classical music. Gary Giddins, noted author and jazz critic, wrote in The Village Voice

The need for a new kind of recitalist—one who can play Chopin Liszt and Monk—has long been evident. He has appeared in the person of Orin Grossman. The selections complemented each other and his playing was enlightening, entertaining…with a lucid approach and clarity of touch that served him well throughout.


Robert Kimball, author of The Gershwins, wrote for the New York Post:

Throughout the evening everything Grossman played was crisp, fluent, richly contrasted and wonderfully detailed. The way he put together and presented a group of Gershwin’s piano transcriptions, beginning with “Swanee” and building to an exciting climax with “I Got Rhythm”, was a model of excellence.


He is a frequent star professor at “One Day University” events, a premiere lecture organization, giving talks in New York City, Philadelphia, and other locales. Steven Schragis, founder and director of One Day University, has written:

One Day University partners nearly every week with professors from colleges and universities across the United States renown for their teaching. Since 2006, we've offered nearly 1000 lectures.

 Orin Grossman is among the finest presenters we've ever worked with. His ability to entertain and educate virtually any audience on a wide variety of subjects is absolutely amazing. He weaves together academic research, personal anecdotes, and musical talent so seamlessly that time virtually flies by when he is speaking -- and always ends with a standing ovation!